Effective Altruism

TED talk ‘The why and how of effective altruism’ by Australian ethicist Peter Singer focuses on the ways to be most effective in making a difference in the world – and how everyone can do something.

While some people may find parts of the video a little controversial this makes it even more important to watch as it challenges our own thinking so we can grow and expand.

Singer looks at different ways to be for us all to be philanthropists.  You don’t need to give up your day job and become an aid worker in Africa (although you can if you like).

Just by giving up a few luxuries and living a more modest, but still ample, life you can make a big difference in the world.


Our Expenditure Challenge

If you haven’t seen the TED Talk – The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong, then it’s about time you did.  In this 19 minute presentation Dan Pallotta speaks about the double standards we have for the profit and non profit business structures.  The community has been led to believe that charities can provide for their causes without paying for overheads including marketing and wages.  To make money non profits need to fundraise and this costs money.

It is essential for non profit organisations to invest in advertising and marketing.  They need to be allowed time to gain success from their innovations and experiments.

Charities need the support from their donors, and other stakeholders, to create a sustainable business model. This video is a great resource to be shared with Board Members when hoping to get an understanding of why your organisation needs to invest in fundraising.

As Pallotta says, “Let’s change the way we think about changing the world.”


The Good News on Poverty

UK musician, Bono, had very good news to share when he presented at a TED Talk.  Eight million patients have been receiving aids medicine in the past 13 years and malaria deaths are down by 75%.

The number of people living in extreme poverty has halved between 1990 and 2010 declining from 43% to 21%.  This is a marvellous statistic in itself.

Calling himself a factualist as it’s the facts that he’s working with, Bono presents to us how we can virtually eradicate extreme poverty by 2028.  He tells us we could be the great generation that Mandela asked us to be.

Together we have power in numbers and we can use this force to create amazing change in this world for those most in need.


The Real Global Rich List

Have you ever wondered how many doctors in Kyrgyzstan your income could fund?  Or how long it takes a labourer in Indonesia to earn enough to buy a can of cola compared to you?  Want to know your how many children your wealth could protect from malaria in Malawi?

If you earn a modest $50,000 annually then you are in the top 1% of the richest people in the world.

globalrichlistWhen you input your yearly income or total wealth the interactive The Global Rich List site will supply you with comparative statistics from around the world that will surprise you.

To check out this very cool website and perhaps put your financial situation in a global perspective click here.

Being Philanthropic

Philanthropy is not only something for the wealthy.

Here, we share with you a great video that explains how everyone can get involved with giving and be a philanthropist.

In short, it’s a crash course in philanthropy.  The video simply outlines the steps involved for those not sure where to start:

  1.  Find what you love.
  2.  Donate your time, your money or your voice.
  3.  Finding the right place to donate.
  4.  Mobilise others.

Remember one person can make a difference.

To watch this cool three minute clip and learn a little more about becoming a philanthropist and creating change in the world, click the box below.