Who is The Fish Chick?

Bianca Crocker is the chick behind Fish Community Solutions, aka The Fish Chick…

Hey, I’m The Fish Chick, but people usually call me Bianca.

I want to be honest up front. I’m different. I see the world Bianca Crocker dthrough rosy coloured glasses. Yep, I’m the glass-is-half- full, sun-always-comes-out-tomorrow, there’s-a-paddle -to-be-found-somewhere-when-you’re-up-the- proverbial-creek-without-one, kinda person. I strongly believe that most things, if not all, can be better, and sometimes, I’m sure that can be annoying.

But, if it wasn’t for this ‘difference’ Fish wouldn’t exist. Over my time working in the sector, I started to see that it was a far from level playing field for charities. More than half of all Australian charities have annual revenue of less than $250,000, but the resources and support structures often focus on the largest organisations, and the small ones are often overlooked.

It’s cliché, I know, but my desire to create positive change in the world, combined with my enthusiasm for helping small charities, I started Fish Community Solutions. And more than five years later, I think by doing things a little differently we’re having a big impact where sometimes it matters most.

With a background in professional writing and communications, I have over ten years experience in working with and for charities. I am a Certified Fund Raising Executive and I’ll talk to anyone who will sit still long enough about charities and fundraising (you’ve been warned). It’s deeper than a passion for me; it’s my purpose.

Some of the highlights in my career to date include;

  • Finalist in Victoria University Young Alumni of the Year in 2015
  • Alumni of the Emerging Pacific Leaders’ Dialogue 2014
  • Shortlisted for a Telstra Business Women’s Award, Young Business Woman of the Year, in 2014
  • Finalist in the Resource Alliance’s Global Fundraiser of the Year in 2012
  • Awarded Young Fundraiser of the Year by the Fundraising Institute of Australia in March 2012.
  • Awarded ASI Smart Scholarship to attend Fundraising Institute of Australia’s Madison Down Under, Strategic Marketing in Fundraising, in August 2007.

But to be honest, the most memorable things for me are the small things. The conversations I have with people like you. The people working hard in charities, day in, day out. Seeing the difference that one $5,000 positive grant outcome can have for a small, regional organisation. Learning that a charity has gone on to implement some suggestions I advised and had a fantastic impact. Being inspired by the resilience and ‘no dream is too big’ approach of the founder of a small charity.

So sure, there have been some big things, but for me it seems I’m just as excited about the small things too. Please get in touch if you’ve got something that you think we can help you with. Big or small, I’d love to hear from you.

The Fish Chick

You can read more about my qualifications and experience, or connect with me, on LinkedIn.

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