Thank You Thursday: Sewing Happiness

Well, December is upon us and only a couple more weeks until Santa packs his sleigh and visits boys and girls around the world. While most kids are thinking about what presents they hope to get, one young boy in Tasmania is more worried about what presents he can give to sick children in hospital.

Campbell Remess was nine when he decided he wanted to give gifts to children in the local Royal Hobart Hospital. From a family of nine children, understandably his Mum didn’t have much spare money for buying extra Christmas gifts so Campbell decided he would make something himself. And he did.

Without having sewed anything before in his young life, the kind-hearted little boy started teaching himself how to make teddy bears.

I do comfort bears, which are for parents if their kids are in hospital having a hard time. I also do overseas bears, like for terrorists attacks.

Now, three years on, 12 year old Campbell has made hundreds of bears and given them to kids and people in need locally and abroad. Watch this short video from SBS that recently shared his story:

“Being kind, and not mean, will change the world a lot.”

Campbell exudes a beautiful sense of generosity and seems wise beyond his years. And he is pretty much spot on when he talks about kindness; more of it is definitely needed in the world.

After school, his homework, and normal chores like making his bed and playing with his dog, Campbell spends all his spare time sewing. He hopes his bears will help “change people from being negative to being positive”.

This Thank You Thursday we say a beary big thank you to Campbell (and his supportive mum and family) for all the happiness he is spreading. You are a fabulous role model to children everywhere.

See you in the pond,

The Fish Chick.

*Image courtesy of The Mercury.

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