Fish Community Solutions Educate


As the story behind our name indicates, Fish is all about education in the charity sector. Through our education initiatives we teach small and emerging non-profits, and the people within them like you, about fundraising and how to do better business.

  • Fish Scholarship
    Our inaugural scholarship provided much needed fundraising training for Chantelle Baxter, Founder of One Girl.
    Our inaugural scholarship provided fundraising training for Chantelle Baxter, Founder of One Girl.

    The Fish Scholarship ensures those working in small or emerging non-profits have an opportunity to access important fundraising training.

  • Fish Webinar Series
    The Fish Fundraising Webinar Series will be an affordable option for smaller, budget-conscious organisations and help provide more accessible education opportunities to fundraisers from small and emerging non-profits, especially for those in regional areas.
  • The Little Library
    Here in Fish’s Little Library you’ll find lots of useful hints to help you with your fundraising endeavours as well as interesting information about the philanthropic and non-profit world to inspire you. We scour all things charity and bring it all together here in the one place.