Fish Community Solutions is a social enterprise

We’re a Social Enterprise

We’ve provided coaching services to help Indigenous Community Volunteers build a brighter future for Indigenous Australians.

Since beginning in 2011 Fish has been all about supporting the charity sector by building the capabilities and skills of people working in non-profits. Our name itself was inspired by the very philosophy of teaching people.

We’ve always had a social purpose, but as a social enterprise, we make that front and centre. 

We’re committed to advancing the charity sector by building the capabilities and skills of people  within it through the provision of education, coaching, strategic advice and support.

Since July 2016, Fish has operated as a social enterprise. We invest at least 50% of our profits back into fundraising and philanthropy education initiatives like the Fish Scholarship that we have been doing annually since 2014. It probably won’t be millions of dollars, but it’s one way we can really create some social impact.

We’ll improve your world, so you can improve ours. We promise.

Learn more about our education initiatives.