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Fish Webinar Series

The Fish Fundraising Webinar Series is an affordable option for smaller, budget-conscious organisations and helps provide more accessible education opportunities to fundraisers from small and emerging non-profits, especially for those in regional areas.

You can register for one or more of the webinars, with a discount applying for attendance at three or the entire series of webinars.


To celebrate our first year of our Webinar Series, we are offering special prices as follows:

  • $50 $35 for a single webinar
  • $135 $99 for any three webinars ($33 per webinar)
  • $200 $150 for the whole five webinars ($30 per webinar)

Registrations for the Fish Fundraising Webinar Series are now open.
Please click here to purchase your ticket securely through Eventbrite. 

Details of each webinar are below.

Webinar 1: Fundraising Planning for Success
Monday 26th September, 3pm-4pm

Fundraising always works best when it is planned yet so many charities work reactively in fundraising.

This webinar will help you understand the importance of fundraising planning and give you some key tips for how to choose what fundraising programs might best suit your charity. Plus, you’ll also learn a suggested format for developing your fundraising strategy.

Webinar 2: Developing your Case for Support
Monday 10th October, 3pm-4pm

A Case for Support is said to be the most valuable tool a charity can have, yet so many charities, especially smaller ones, operate without one.

This webinar will explain why a Case for Support is so important in fundraising and will go through the vital information that needs to be included when developing one. We’ll look at some others as case studies and see what works and what doesn’t.

Webinar 3: The Importance of Donor Engagement
Monday 24th October, 3pm-4pm

Individual donors make up the majority of support for Australian charities, yet many organisations do not invest enough time building these relationships.

This webinar will examine the concept of donor stewardship and how we can best build strong relationships with our supporters. It will include tips on communicating with our donors, as well as thanking them.

Webinar 4: Connecting with Businesses
Monday 7th November, 3pm-4pm

There are many great reasons why a charity should consider working with the business community including to grow both brand awareness and fundraising outcomes.

This webinar will look at how to best create opportunities with businesses, including how to determine the types of businesses that would be most suited to your charity.

Webinar 5: Building relationships with your Community
Monday 21st November, 3pm-4pm

Charity is all about community and the relationship between the two is integral to an organisation’s brand awareness, ability to attract new supporters and volunteers.

This webinar will examine the fundraising opportunities that help foster relationships with your community. This will touch on peer to peer fundraising, community events and crowd funding.


Registrations for the Fish Fundraising Webinar Series are now open.
Please click here to purchase your ticket securely through Eventbrite.