A Changing Sector

The Australian charity sector has evolved over the past twenty years, and a report release last month by private wealth management business, JBWere, highlights some of these changes.

The Cause Report, as it is known, is an in-depth report that investigates the role of the sector in Australian society. It compares the our sector here to those in the USA, Canada, UK and a few other countries and provides some predictions for the future. The report also explores the different types of organisations in the sector such as health, environment, education and social services.

Additionally, as indicated in the Executive Summary, The Cause Report covers:

  • the scale, scope and significance of the charitable and not-for-profit sector;
  • the long term trends across the sector;
  • the headwinds in relation to sustainability and volunteerism; and
  • a breakdown of data at a sector level.

The report identifies the charity sector as “the glue which holds much of Australian society together and allows it to function and prosper” and while it is a lengthy report it is certainly well worth the read.

For more information about the report or to download it, please visit the JBWere website here.