Stories from our Scholars

Here are what some of the Fish Scholars had to say about their experience:

2019 Winner: Bridget Staude
Teach Learn Grow

I completed the FIA Fundraising Essentials course online in late 2019.  The course was a well-presented, comprehensive introduction to the world of fundraising which was very helpful for someone like me who is new to the industry. This has given me more confidence to plan our fundraising strategies moving forward, and more ideas for how we could diversify our efforts.

I would recommend this Scholarship to others in the sector working in small organisations.

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2017 Winner: Mandy Linsey
Smiles for Me

Mandy with a patient

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to attend the fundraising course through the Fish Scholarship. My background is in nursing and environmental health so fundraising was definitely not in my skill set.

As a nurse in the operating theatre I became involved with a team that went to the Philippines to perform surgery on children with cleft lips and cleft palates. It’s an amazing experience seeing all the kids come to the clinic and seeing how much such a simple procedure can change their lives. Myself and the team just love helping the kids. Seeing them return to you and watching them grow and thrive, knowing you helped in some tiny way is the best feeling in the world.

Sadly, we lost our friend and lost our funding in 2016 but wanted to keep going to the Philippines so we decided to form our own charity and Smile for Me was born. To make it work we needed to learn lots of new skills. Luckily, we were not afraid of hard work and got to work setting up the charity and organising our first surgical mission as Smile for Me. Somehow I ended up being in charge of fundraising, building a website and managing our social pages. Some ideas worked, other didn’t and we learned from our mistakes along the way. As a small organisation run only by volunteers who all work full time and have other commitments, it’s hard work and you have to make sure you utilise your efforts effectively.

Undertaking this course is an amazing opportunity that has helped me enormously. Before I was managing to raise money but there was no structure, it was a bit haphazard and we didn’t have a database. I have learned so much through the FIA Essentials Course and can put in place procedures and strategies to help build our organisation so that it continues to grow and be able to support our surgical missions in the Philippines.

With the lessons learned at the course I can apply these to ensure that our organisation is sustainable and can help as many kids as possible. There is an endless supply of children who can’t access the surgery without help from external organisations. I’m proud of how far we have come in a year but am excited by how much further we can go with the new skills I have learned.

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2016 Winner: Rachael Zaltron
SA Backpacks for Kids, Founder

Photo courtesy of The Leader Messenger

Backpacks 4 SA Kids was lucky enough to be the 2016 recipient for the Fish Community Solutions scholarship to attend a Fundraising Institute full day course learning about the integral parts of fundraising from the legalities to how to fundraise effectively for our charity.

I attended the course thinking this would be a fantastic opportunity to reinforce the current plans put into action within our charity and quickly realised I was going to learning all new techniques on the way to run a charity fundraising program, how to develop that program to promote growth and development both within the fundraising/donation sector and as a result, strengthen our charity as a whole.

I walked away from this education session invigorated, full of new ideas and promises for a really bright future with a stronger foundation to build on for Backpacks 4 SA Kids. The result of this course and our affiliation with Fish Community Solution is the opportunity to ensure longevity for our charity and as a result provide more backpacks and support for vulnerable kids within South Australia. We sincerely would like to thank Fish Community Solutions for gifting us with this opportunity.

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2015 Winner: Neal Taylor
Holy Fools, CEO

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Courtesy of the 2015 Fish Scholarship, I had the privilege to attend the Fundraising Institute of Australia’s Fundraising Essentials one day workshop, August 2015 for the charity I am CEO of, Holy Fools Inc. Having stumbled along with learning about fundraising from the web, others and several books (most of which seemed US-centric), I was eager to mix with other fundraisers, in a workshop about Australian fundraising issues.

It was great to arrive and meet the other participants, and even more interesting to go around the room and hear where everyone was from. I seemed to be the only one from an organisation (Holy Fools) that still raised funds from sausage sizzles! Others were from larger charities and organisations with multi-million dollar fundraising budgets, who ran events and had fundraising to a fine art. However, everyone attending was there to learn the essential basics, regardless of the organisation they belonged to!

The workshop was lead by Ms Susanne Williamson, a member of the FIA and the fundraising leader at the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. Utilising her own stories, and those of others, Ms Williamson lead the session through a workbook that covered topics such as Fundraising & Philanthropy in Australia; Law and Order; Motivations, Methods and More; Tools of the Trade; Your People; Where to From Here?; and Where to go for Help.

Thank you to Bianca and the team from Fish Community Solutions for the opportunity to attend the workshop! It was certainly an eye-opener and opportunity to discover some new fundraising ideas, concepts and pathways for my own fundraising that have certainly helped since the one day workshop. Much of what I have learnt has formed the basis for our fundraising strategy for the coming months and years. It has also shown I have more to learn!

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2014 Winner: Chantelle Baxterchantelle-baxter
One Girl, Co Founder and CEO

It was my first ever fundraising training session. Despite the fact that I’ve been fundraising for almost 5 years now, I’d never once had any formal training. I was nervous but excited about what was in store.

Over the course of the day, we covered a variety of topics – but there were a few key takeaways for me that stood out as the three key things that were going to drastically change at One Girl.

Get a Donor Database
Our teacher said “the money is in your database” – the best fundraisers use their database wisely. I was a little shocked – we don’t even HAVE a database! We’ve got mailing lists that we use on an ad hoc basis, but we aren’t keeping track of who has donated what, how much they’ve donated over time – NONE OF IT! That changed as soon as I got back into the office. We’re now in the midst of creating our own donor database so we can start tracking the people that have donated to us and moving them up the fundraising pyramid.

The 80/20 Rule – 80% on your current donors, 20% on acquisition
As an organization, we spend almost ALL of our time on recruiting new donors, fundraisers, ambassadors and supporters. We’ve put very little energy into nurturing the donors we currently have, beyond a couple of emails and a personalised video if they’ve done an amazing job. In this course I discovered that not only is acquisition expensive, but you’ll find that you can drastically increase your income by nurturing the supporters you ALREADY have. In 2015, we’re now spending 80% of our time loving up our current supporters and just 20% of our time focused on finding new people. And as they say – if you delight the believers, they’ll find the new donors for you!

Move people up the fundraising pyramid
I also learnt that we need to provide new opportunities for people to give. At the moment we focus quite heavily on peer to peer fundraising, but we need to have a supporter channel that we can move people through. Perhaps they give a one off donation, then they come to a gala, then they become a monthly supporter. We need to create channels and opportunities for people to engage with us. Diversifying our income stream and having more product offerings is another big focus for this year.

Overall, the FIA Essentials course was fantastic. It covered not only some basic theory of fundraising, but I took away some very important actions that I could see would make a big difference to our current operations. I’m very grateful for the scholarship and I have no doubt it will have a huge impact on our fundraising this year! Thanks so much to Fish Community Solutions for the opportunity. You guys rock!

Key into Australia

2020 Fish Scholarship Winner announced

We’re excited to announce the 2020 Fish Scholarship winner is Novela Corda.

After her own experience and challenges as a migrant in a new country, Novela founded Key Into Australia, a non-profit supporting newly arrived migrant women.

Fish Scholarship 2020 Winner Novela Corda

This growing organisation works to support women experiencing isolation and loneliness and help develop a sense of belonging to the community.

“We were very impressed with Novela’s application and she scored quite highly with our judging panel,” Fish Director, Bianca Crocker said.

The winner of the 2020 Fish Scholarship is awarded:

  • A place at the Fundraising Institute of Australia’s Fundraising Essentials course
  •  A complimentary 12 months Advanced Membership to the Small Non-Profits Alliance

“As a founder of a small for non-profit, I believe I need to equip myself with a sound understanding of fundraising and be the driver for the fundraising efforts of my organisation,” Novela said.

“I will be able to apply my new skills and knowledge to improve the fundraising activities of our organisation, helping it grow and create larger impact,” she said.

We look forward to seeing how being a Fish Scholar will positively impact Novela and her team at Key Into Australia.

2019 Fish Scholarship Winner Announced

The 2019 Scholarship was our most competitive yet, with more than a dozen applications being received. The results of the 2019 Fish Scholarship are in and we are delighted to announce this year’s winner as Bridget Staude of Teach Learn Grow.

As our newest Fish Scholar, Bridget has won the opportunity to complete the Fundraising Institute of Australia’s Fundraising Essentials course. Congratulations Bridget!

Teach Learn Grow aims to improve the educational outcomes and aspirations of rural and remote students in socioeconomic disadvantaged areas so that they can reach their full potential. They do this by recruiting and training volunteers to provide free tutoring and mentoring – predominantly online – to young people experiencing educational disadvantage.

Bridget has recently taken on the role of CEO after working for a number of years as a teacher in rural WA.

“As a former volunteer of the organisation, I have seen first-hand the powerful impact it can have, and as the CEO I hope to support the continued growth and sustainability of the programs,” Bridget said.

“I hope to increase my knowledge of how the Australian fundraising sector is regulated, how data should be collected, and various fundraising channels and strategies,” she said.

Fish Community Solutions’ Director, Bianca Crocker, is excited about the Fish Scholarship’s first winner from Western Australia.

“Bridget’s application showed her passion for education of young people, but also an enthusiasm to learn more herself in ways that can really help their organisation,” Ms Crocker said.

Fish Scholarship winner Fish Community Solutions

The 2018 Fish Scholarship Winner Announced

The Fish Scholarship celebrated its 5th year in 2018 and we are thrilled to announce this year’s winner as Julia Brockhausen of Health Consumers NSW.

Julia has won a place in the Fundraising Institute of Australia’s Fundraising Essentials course. Congratulations Julia!

Health Consumers NSW represents the interests of patients, carers and their families in NSW. They believe in shaping a health system that listens to, respects, partners with and values health consumers

As the organisation’s highly experienced Communications Officer, Julia is perfectly placed to have a significant impact on the organisation’s future funding.

“I have been involved in fundraising but it has never been my main focus. As such, I feel hesitant getting HCNSW fundraising efforts off the ground and started. The scholarship will provide me with the kick and knowledge to get started,” Julia said.

“It would open a third source of income for our charity and this would enable us to provide more training scholarships for patients, their families and carers who want to get involved in changing health in NSW for the better,” she said.

Fish Community Solutions’ Director, Bianca Crocker, is looking forward to seeing the progress and change Julia can affect in her organisation after being awarded the Fish Scholarship.

“The judging panel were very impressed with Julia’s application. I am confident with her 15 years experience in communications behind her, and the training the Fundraising Essentials Course provides, Julia will improve the success of Health Consumers NSW and outcomes for patients, their families and carers in New South Wales,” Ms Crocker said.

2017 Fish Scholarship Winner Announced

2017 was the fourth year of our Fish Scholarship and we’re thrilled to announce it has been awarded to Mandy Linsley from Smile for Me.

Smile for Me is an Australian-based charity that works to improve the lives of children in the Philippines born with cleft lip and cleft palate deformities. They use the time and expertise of volunteer medical teams to perform the necessary surgeries to correct these birth defects that affect 1-2 in every 1000 Filipino children.

As a registered nurse, Mandy (pictured above) is one of these dedicated volunteers, as well as the fundraising officer and a Board Member of Smile for Me. Her enthusiasm for improving the lives of children and the work of the organisation is inspiring.

I want to learn more so we can secure the organisation and ensure we can continue to help the children in the Philippines. There is an overwhelming need for this life-changing surgery.

Fish Community Solutions’ Director, Bianca Crocker, is looking forward to seeing the progress that Mandy can have after being awarded the Fish Scholarship.

Mandy’s application demonstrated her understanding of the challenges faced by small charities and the complexities of the sector. We are confident that with a little extra support and guidance, Mandy will be able to learn the basics of fundraising theory to improve the success of Smile for Me.

Mandy hopes the Fish Scholarship will help her to fundraise more and allow her to teach others in the team to help with the fundraising.

I aim to learn more about fundraising this year so that I can develop a fundraising program that ensures we help as many children as we can. We raised enough for our recent mission but I have so much to learn to make this a and successful charity.

Here at Fish, we’ve very excited about our 2017 Fish Scholar and we congratulate Mandy on this achievement.

education scholarship for charity

Fish Scholarship Opens

For the third year in a row, Fish is pleased to offer the Fish Scholarship.

Established to support individuals working at emerging or small non-profit organisations, the Fish Scholarship offers a place for one talented, up and coming fundraiser at the FIA Fundraising Essentials Course.

The course, valued at $495, is the ‘101’ of fundraising, teaching you what you really need to know about fundraising, all wrapped neatly into a one-day course. The course will be offered in the winner’s nearest capital city.

The Fish Scholarship will be open to Australian fundraisers with less than three years’ professional experience. In line with our focus of teaching and educating emerging and small non-profits about fundraising and marketing, applicants must be working with organisations with a turnover of less than $500,000 p/y.

2015 Scholar, Neal Taylor (pictured above), said of the Fish Scholarship that it was an “opportunity to discover some new fundraising ideas, concepts and pathways for my own fundraising that have certainly helped since“.

Read more or apply online.