Tick of Approval

In an effort to build the public’s trust in charities, the Australian Charities and Non-profit Commission (ACNC) developed the Registered Charity Tick late last year.

This visual stamp of approval can be used by all registered charities to give reassurance to the public that they are transparent, accountable and registered with the ACNC Charity Register.

So, if you are registered with the ACNC – and we certainly hope you are and if not, you’re at least working towards it – it’s something you should take the time to download and use on your website, emails and other marketing materials where possible.

Visit the ACNC website for more information here.

Our $103b Charity Sector

ACNCReleased by the Australian Charities ad Not-for-profits Commisison (ACNC) just before Christmas, The Australian Charities Report 2014 is the first in-depth look at the financial significance of the sector.

Our country’s charity sector has a combined income of $103 billion, with nearly $7 billion coming from donations and bequests.

Most charities appear to be operating a balanced budget, as during that same period, $95 billion was spent by charities, and the remaining $8 billion ear-marked for future charitable investment.

The Australian Charities Report 2014 was produced in collaboration with the Centre for Social Impact and the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW Australia.

It is hoped the report will act as a resource to help donors, governments, researchers and the community better understand charities, and their financial status and sustainability.

Download a copy at the ACNC website.