Tick of Approval

In an effort to build the public’s trust in charities, the Australian Charities and Non-profit Commission (ACNC) developed the Registered Charity Tick late last year.

This visual stamp of approval can be used by all registered charities to give reassurance to the public that they are transparent, accountable and registered with the ACNC Charity Register.

So, if you are registered with the ACNC – and we certainly hope you are and if not, you’re at least working towards it – it’s something you should take the time to download and use on your website, emails and other marketing materials where possible.

Visit the ACNC website for more information here.

Good Governance is Vital

The Governance Institute of Australia is the only independent professional association with a sole focus on whole-of-organisation governance. Among other things, they provide online knowledge resources with a wealth of guidance on how to think through and manage particular governance issues.

The Institute have prepared a series of Good Governance Guides in governance and risk management specific to the charity sector. These Guides comprise practice that demonstrate good governance in a range of situations including board structure, conflicts of interest and issues to consider when developing a communications policy.

For more information visit their website here.

Doing Digital Donations Better

Most charities now have an online mechanism for donating, but just how user-friendly are they?

In the first research of its kind, Parachute Digital have mapped the digital donation experience donors have in Australia, against our supporters’ expectations. They discovered that only four out of 100 charities ranked above 70% to give their donors a great online experience.

Their report, The Digital Donation Experience: Expectations vs Reality, summarises what donors really want in an online experience with their favourite charities. It also provides an insight into the seven things you need to do to improve your online donations.

Download the report and learn how you can improve your online experience for your donors here.

Effective Board Meetings

An effective board should not necessarily be a comfortable place. Challenge, as well as teamwork, is an essential feature.

This is the advice from the UK’s Financial Reporting Council. An article in the Harvard Business Review recently addressed this comment and talked about how to have productive discussions in board meetings.

The article identifies three key actions that need to happen if you want to improve boardroom discussions. This brief but useful piece is something you should definitely consider circulating with your Directors.

Have a read here.

Free fundraising advice

Get Strategic Online

Over 90% of Australians now access and use the internet, most of them on a regular basis. This is why it is important for non-profit organisations to not only have an online presence, but to be undertaking some level of fundraising online.

Non-profit software provider, Abila, knows a thing or two about online fundraising and they’ve recently published a guide to help your charity get more strategic in that area. The Ultimate Guide to Online Fundraising focuses on six key steps to successful fundraising online; targeting, appeals, websites, donation forms, thank-yous and follow-up communication. The Guide is packed full of articles, real-life examples and worksheets to help improve your organisation’s online fundraising.

For more information about the Guide please visit Abila website here.