2017 Fish Scholarship Winner Announced

2017 was the fourth year of our Fish Scholarship and we’re thrilled to announce it has been awarded to Mandy Linsley from Smile for Me.

Smile for Me is an Australian-based charity that works to improve the lives of children in the Philippines born with cleft lip and cleft palate deformities. They use the time and expertise of volunteer medical teams to perform the necessary surgeries to correct these birth defects that affect 1-2 in every 1000 Filipino children.

As a registered nurse, Mandy (pictured above) is one of these dedicated volunteers, as well as the fundraising officer and a Board Member of Smile for Me. Her enthusiasm for improving the lives of children and the work of the organisation is inspiring.

I want to learn more so we can secure the organisation and ensure we can continue to help the children in the Philippines. There is an overwhelming need for this life-changing surgery.

Fish Community Solutions’ Director, Bianca Crocker, is looking forward to seeing the progress that Mandy can have after being awarded the Fish Scholarship.

Mandy’s application demonstrated her understanding of the challenges faced by small charities and the complexities of the sector. We are confident that with a little extra support and guidance, Mandy will be able to learn the basics of fundraising theory to improve the success of Smile for Me.

Mandy hopes the Fish Scholarship will help her to fundraise more and allow her to teach others in the team to help with the fundraising.

I aim to learn more about fundraising this year so that I can develop a fundraising program that ensures we help as many children as we can. We raised enough for our recent mission but I have so much to learn to make this a and successful charity.

Here at Fish, we’ve very excited about our 2017 Fish Scholar and we congratulate Mandy on this achievement.

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