Thank You Thursday: Empowering Real Change

Veronika Scott is a young woman on a mission. She’s on a mission to warm those who need it and provide a second chance to those who want it. The 26-year-old is the CEO and Founder of The Empowerment Plan, a non-profit not only improving the lives of homeless people by providing warmth, but by changing their lives by providing training and employment opportunities.

sleeping bag coat
Veronika’s sleeping bag coat

After a class assignment to design something that fulfilled actual needs, Veronika developed a coat that transformed into a sleeping bag for homeless people in her community.

In her home town of Detroit, there are over 20,000 homeless people living on the streets.  These people are Mums. They are Dads. They are Brothers and Sisters. Whilst out visiting the local homeless shelters and sharing her coat idea with the people staying there, she had an experience that changed her thinking and her life. A woman started to yell at Veronika…

“We don’t need coats. Coats are pointless. We need jobs.”

It was then that Veronika realised the coat itself could be a way to really help the homeless in her community. She could train and employ homeless women to sew and produce the coats, and then work with local homeless shelters and organisations to distribute them.

Have a watch of this video to hear from Veronika herself:

The organisation’s mission is to educate, employ, and empower homeless individuals to create a better life for themselves and their families while producing a humanitarian product for those in need. Since being officially founded in 2012, The Empowerment Plan has trained and employed over 30 homeless women and produced and distributed more than 10,000 coats for homeless people across America.

Veronika has been well recognised for her incredible work, including speaking at the UN as a young change-maker, through the Clinton Foundation and in 2012, was the youngest person to receive the JFK New Frontiers Award. And today, on Thank You Thursday, we extend our thanks to this remarkable young woman and all that she has done for creating real change with the issue of homelessness. Well done, Veronika, your Empowerment Plan is truly changing lives.

See you in the pond,

The Fish Chick.


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