Who are the Workplace Givers?

Good2Give logoOften workplace giving can be seen as a bit of a mysterious creature in the world of fundraising, but a recent report is shedding some light on the topic.

Non-profit organisation, Good2Give, (formerly known as Charities Aid Foundation) works to connect businesses and their employees as donors with charities.

Their recent report, thought to be the biggest on workplace giving in Australia, provides insights into almost 1,000 donors in Australian workplaces highlighting their preferences, behaviour and motivations.

The report also indicated that Aussie charities are potentially missing out on millions of dollars from workplace giving initiatives.

Good2Give CEO, Lisa Grinham, said “Workplace givers who were recognised by their employer and who received thanks from their charity invariably made higher donations. Almost half were also willing to increase their donations if they were just asked.”

Charities need to take the training wheels off when it comes to engaging workplace givers and extend communications to grow their relationship with these passionate supporters,” Grinham said.

For more information and to download the report, please visit the Good2Give website here.

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