Thank You Thursday: Bellies Full of Love

{This is a special post from Fish’s Business Manager}
As a mummy myself I can vouch for how difficult it is bringing your new bundle of joy home and getting into the swing of your new hectic routine. With all the feeding, sterilising, crying, cuddles, washing and sleepless nights I can remember asking myself ‘When do I get to go to the toilet?‘. This time was made even more difficult for me by having no family nearby.

One New Zealand organisation has really started to reach out to those in similar situations and need. Bellyful delivers food to mothers with new babies and also for young families with a loved one with serious illness.

Bellyful was ‘born’ out the desire to see families being supported by their fellow community members. Have a watch of this three minute video that tells a bit more about the six year old charity:

Bellyful founder, Jacqui Ritchie, came up with the idea to help mothers in a half dream-half wake state. After feeling a lack of connection when she had her first child, Jacqui felt much more supported second time round. She recalls people from the neighbourhood popping around and that having a few meals delivered by a friendly face could be a real sanity-saver.

She felt that mothers of newborns needed support during this difficult time and that feeling part of a community and seeing a friendly face was essential. Overwhelmed at the task she tried to push it away but the thought did not leave her, and so with help from some friends from antenatal class Bellyful began in 2009.

As an organisation, Bellyful believes the following:

Volunteers attend a cookathon once a month at 22 different locations across New Zealand where they cook up a storm. Meals are frozen and ready for delivery to their recipients. People can receive help by registering themselves (which is a great idea) or being registered by a friend.  Individuals are welcome to contribute by volunteering or donating to the cause.

From the bottom of our bellies and on behalf of all the families you have fed, this Thursday we say Thank You to Jacqui and the entire team of cooks helping Bellyful.

Keep Swimming,

Miss Fish Biz


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