Scholarships for the Non-Profit Sector

The Australian Scholarships Foundation (ASF) provides scholarships for the Australian not-for-profit sector and is the only organisation in the country that is dedicated to doing so.

The ASF uses their funding to focus on people, rather than programs.  They believe in investing in people, making leaders that can affect organisations ‘from the inside out’.

‘What if a donated dollar invested in people could multiply the NFP sector’s productivity many times that dollar and really boost much-needed social change?’

The AFS offers access to the Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Non-Profit Leadership.  It is valued at $36,000.  The scholarship allows a deserving candidate to further their development within the non-profit sector.

This an exceptional opportunity for personal, professional, and broader impact through research, experiential learning or management training at an approved U.S. institution or charitable organisation.

Find more out about Australian Scholarship Foundation.

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