Free Legal Information

These days we all need to watch our expenditure, non-profits especially.  One necessity that can be very costly is legal advice.  So we were excited to come across the Not-for-profit Law Information Hub which has been developed by Justice Connect.

The website contains information about Victorian, New South Wales and Commonwealth laws and has more than 80 topics covered from reporting to the government, insurance and risk, disputes and conflicts and running your organisation. They also regularly host webinars on many topics including legal issues for start-up charities.

Written in simple language so it is easy for us all to understand, the website has online tools to save time and help with legal problems that charities may be facing, along with continual updates on non-profit law.

This service will be useful for charities with the possible abolishment or changes to theAustralian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) being proposed.

The Hub will save time and money for rural charities which may not easily be able to access lawyers who specialise in non-profit law.

Funded through grants from the government, philanthropic funds, donations and their members the Hub has hundreds of thousands of visitors to the website each year.  Members also help non-profits providing free legal advice, training and assistance.

This is a great example of philanthropy, charity and pro bono resources working together.
Check out the Not-for-profit Law Information Hub.

legal hub website

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