Relationship Fundraising Today

Since Ken Burnett’s book ‘Relationship Fundraising’ was published in 1992 most of the non-profit world has embraced the concept as best practice for connecting with donors. However, this world has changed dramatically since then and charities are not always able to understand the motivations for donors today and what inspires them to support a cause.

One business, known as Pursuant, is helping change that.  They have funded groundbreaking research by Ian MacQuillin, the Director at Plymouth University’s Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy, and fundraising experts Adrian Sargeant and Jen Shang.

Through this research, they have now developed four volumes of reports that explore the why? how? who? and what next? Plus, there are a few other helpful resources on the very important topic of relationship fundaising.

Have a quick watch of this video with Adrian Sargeant talking about some of the study’s key findings:

To learn more from this vital research and download the resources available pleasevisit the Pursuant website here.

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