Converting One-off Donors

Individuals have never been so keen to take on challenges, or collect money for their chosen cause from friends and family.  Often social media is used very effectively, gaining reach to donors who may otherwise never have heard of your organisation. This is great; the problem lies in how to convert these one off donors into fundraisers themselves, or at least regular donors of your cause.

After conducting interviews PhD researcher Karen Sutherland gives us some insight into the tricky business of converting the ‘viral quotient’.  She tells us:

In the case of Not for Profit organisations, especially charities, it seems to involve more than just sharing content, but sharing inspiration.

Karen’s top three tips are:

  • Be grateful, not needy.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of email.
  • Ask the fundraiser to report back.

To read the full article on Karen’s very helpful top tips from Pro Bono Australiaclick here.

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